It is indeed a distinct pleasure to present to you the South Florida Caribbean Business magazine. Being the first issue, this media outlet is dedicated to promoting, advising and collaborating with the growing Caribbean Businesses located here in the South Florida community. Over the years, Caribbean people in South Florida have ventured into myriad legitimate and innovative business activities. Businesses that incorporate restaurants, entertainment, law, health and medical facilities, food markets, non-profit organizations, import/ export companies, and much more. Many of us share the feeling that from a cultural perspective South Florida fits more readily into the Caribbean than the mainland USA.

As the magazine evolves, there will be comprehensive coverage of many business-related issues and challenges that impact the activities of South Florida Caribbean business entities. Topics will include securing finance and managing accounts, executing marketing and communication, modernizing technology, getting into social media, encouraging product development, and avoiding legal problems. We will also provide business tips for entrepreneurs, and links to federal and state resources.

The South Florida Caribbean Business Magazine team consists of experienced Caribbean business, communications and technology specialists who are dedicated to the sustainability of business activities in the South Florida community. We will be ably assisted in delivering quality articles by other professionals from other industries who are experts in their own right, collaborating with us in the development of specialized topics in their specific areas.

Why bother with a South Florida Caribbean Business Magazine, some may ask? Well, the simple answer is that at this time, there are no magazines existing that are totally dedicated to addressing the matter surrounding the South Florida Caribbean business community and we are convinced that this is a gap that should be filled. Some attempts have been made in the recent past with mixed results, notably the Caribbean Business Digest. This is a tough business but we are up to the fight and determined to succeed. Of course we will definitely need the consistent bighearted support to make this happen and we thank you in advance. We also look forward to you objective criticisms as we strive to produce a magazine that gets better over time.

Our greatest desire is that Caribbean entrepreneurs and professionals in South Florida establish, maintain and grow successful businesses. Such achievements will add much value to our consistent efforts to use this medium for uplifting the South Florida Caribbean Business community. We desire to join forces with this promising community as it continues to grow stronger and becomes an even more vital part of the overall South Florida economy.


Salomie Chung, Thamarr Griffith, Candice Peart, Justin Peart, Neil Picart, Teneshia Taylor, Toni-Ann Taylor, Neal Waugh, Shauna Whittingham