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Sweet Ts Black cake3Johnson & Wales University-trained Chef TobiAnn Richards (Chef Sweet T) has an enduring passion for cooking, baking and using her culinary prowess to make others happy. First introduced to Chef Sweet T by her Mom, Jamaican Black (Fruit) cake has been one of her favorite desserts for many years. A true connoisseur of black cake, she states that, “some were okay some didn’t even come close, some were dry, the color was off in some cases, some barely had any fruit, and others had no rum taste at all.” According to Chef Sweet T, “I realized that many black cake bakers just make large batches at a time and give a standard cake to all their customers. I understand that everyone is not the same and neither are their tastes similar.”
Capitalizing on her extensive training and expertise, a more mature Chef Sweet TSweet Ts Bizcard embarked on a mission to create an authentic recipe for a superior tasting and better looking black cake, one that anyone could be proud to send or receive as a gift. Each cake contains high quality all natural fruits, imported Jamaican rum and red wine, slowly steamed to perfection. This attention to detail and passion for excellence is why her black cakes stand apart from the competition. Her intention is to showcase Jamaican black cake as an elegant and refined dessert to be served at life’s most important events or just as an end of the day treat. The thought that black cake is just for Holiday time is a myth that Chef Sweet T is working very hard to dispel. People should consume cake for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other reason that a delicious cake can be enjoyed.
Sweet Ts Rum CakesChef Sweet T’s website gives the client complete control of the process leading to a customized black cake. Customers follow sequential steps to create the best black cake for their specific taste and needs (size, color, texture, rum amount, icing flavor/color, shipping options). She is also a Gourmet Rum cake expert, similarly customizing offerings to the desires of her satisfied repeat clients and new customers throughout the year. Sweet Ts Black cake
Chef Sweet T is dedicated to her art and consistently works hard to provide great customer service and sustain successful relationships with her customers. “This is my goal with every single order,” states Chef Sweet T emphatically. True to form, her website is informative and entertaining with adequate details facilitating the process of ordering the perfect cake. Whether you have enjoyed black cake all your life or are a first time buyer, Chef Sweet T’s website, pictures, blogs, social media and online communities will entice you into sampling one of her amazing cakes.
Chef Sweet T is particularly proud of her ability to break through ethnic barriers, reaching customers are from various nationalities and backgrounds, who enjoy her products starting with the first taste. In fact, Chef Sweet T beams as she reports, “I now have a number of clients who did not like black cake before they tried mine and now they truly appreciate how delicious black cake can be.”
Expanding her offerings especially as we approach the Christmas HolSweet Ts Basketidays, Chef Sweet T currently offers Deluxe and Luxury Gift baskets with a variety of black/rum cakes, imported Jamaican Rum, authentic Blue Mountain coffee and a variety of other handmade treats. These baskets are a great way to be wowed by a number of Chef Sweet T’s customized products.
Innovative Chef Sweet T is excited by the possibility to expand her brand and reach many new customers all around the world while retaining her loyal customer base. In the future look out for Chef Sweet T’s brand of Authentic Jamaican Rum Cream to sip alongside her customized cakes. For now she continues to make the best Jamaican Black (Fruit) and Rum cakes available.

Chef Sweet T is looking forward to helping interested clients.

Please contact her at: (561) 907-8150

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