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SmallBusSat 2013 02We at the South Florida Caribbean Business Magazine wholeheartedly support Small Business Saturday, coming up this year on Saturday, November 30. This is the special day sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when we are all encouraged to purchase goods and services from small businesses in our respective communities. The Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) definition of small business varies by widely by industry, but commonly emphasizes the characteristics of independent ownership and management, along with lack of dominance.

Without a doubt, over 99% of the Caribbean-owned and operated businesses in South Florida could be defined as small, ranging from one person operations all the way to a few hundred employees. Most well-known Caribbean businesses are in two main areas, food services and entertainment, but there are thousands of other Caribbean businesses contributing to the vibrant South Florida economy. Entrepreneurial Caribbean immigrants and their families are involved in the arts, software development, landscaping, real estate, cosmetology, law, medicine, retail stores, auto mechanics and detailing, trades and other professions. These small businesses have been very instrumental in providing employment opportunities for the tens of thousands of persons who were displaced during the recent recession. With our help, these vibrant Caribbean small businesses need your consistent support in order to continue to grow.

So, on November 30, make sure to pass up on the offers of the “big guys” and give the small businesses in our diverse community a well-deserved break. By the way, the South Florida Caribbean Business Magazine is part of the small business fraternity too, totally dedicated to promoting the small businesses of our community 365 days of the year…. LoL…. Happy shopping!!SmallBusSat 2013 03