Mercus Manley, Investigative Reporter……

His name is Dax Dunn and he specializes in making important things interesting. Today he is the embodiment of all about wellness in life. He defines wellness as the process of paying attention to the balance between the mind, the body and the spirit. Mr. Dunn confidently states, “My business is the RAD Wellness Center, RAD represents Reaching Another Dimension, to find our own greatness and focus on building our own wellness communities, based on what we decide is important to us.” Located in Midtown, Plantation, this tribute to wellness is easily accessible to clients in the South Florida area, although physical location is not a limiting factor for Mr. Dunn and his team of Wellness associates.

RAD Wellness Center starts by working with individuals who want to lose weight and the coaching program produces results in as little as 3 days. According to Mr. Dunn, “Over 21 days, our program will take clients step by step towards developing their own wellness lifestyle and establish “Health as TRUE Wealth”. Then we support them in building their own wellness community, with supplements, tools and information to constantly create wellness in their lives.”

The RAD Wellness Center’s 21 Day coaching program works by resetting, restoring and revitalizing the client’s digestive system. Mr Dunn states, “the program was developed with my partner Vanya; we deliver amazing results with our automated coaching program and our team of experienced coaches. We host several Blog Talk Radio shows, the most popular is Sundays at 7 PM called ‘Just Wellness’.” 

Mr. Dunn exuding self-confidence explains. “I believe that too much time and energy is spent on what’s wrong in the world. I am all about finding what’s right. For me the breath is life, and in every moment I give thanks for all that life has given me. I am excited about the Internet and Facebook as tools to build communities.” He is surely living what he preaches, staying true to the mantra, “Be Well, Live Well and Stay Well”.

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