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PHS drpowell-mdPowell Health Solutions (PHS) is far from “just another” medical practice. With a strong focus on preventative transformative healthcare solutions, PHS is as innovative as its founder is passionate about changing what and how people think about health.

Dr. Michelle C. Powell, the founder and motivating force behind PHS, is a Board Certified Osteopathic Family Physician with over 20 years of experience. With degrees and credentials that have afforded her both an individual patient and community health perspective, she has forged a practical approach in medicine that engages and enriches her patients, as well as the communities she serves.

When identifying the most prevalent medical challenges faced by the patients that see her, Dr. Powell does not hesitate to name the top three: Hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity. The common denominator to these conditions is frequently lifestyle choices, and Dr. Powell educates and empowers her patients to take control of these choices. PHS03

“External change does not occur before internal change” is the PHS proactive approach as explained by Dr. Powell.

Unlike many physicians and practices that offer prescriptions as their primary form of reactive healthcare, Dr. Powell appreciates and encourages the long term proactive solutions that focus on lifestyle modification to ensure consistent patient participation in healthy living. Check out the wide range of services offered by PHS.

“If you do not change the way you think, you do not change the way you behave,” offers Dr. Powell, who relies heavily on patient education when it comes to treating those she serves seeking weight loss, nutritional support and other disease mitigating solutions. Take a look at the Weight Loss Management Program.

An appreciation for the power of education as a life-changing force was cultivated in Dr. Powell from a very early age. Born to Jamaican parents who subsequently immigrated to the United States, Dr. Powell excelled in academics throughout her primary and secondary levels of schooling. With hard-working parents that often worked multiple jobs in order to afford her the educational opportunities of attending private school, Dr. Powell was driven by the reminder she often received from her grandmother; “Hard work never killed nobody.”

It was a 12 hour wait in an emergency room visit to Jackson Memorial Hospital when she was a child that first fueled her desire to pursue medicine as a career. That desire, combined with hard work, generated the momentum for Dr. Powell to overcome doubtful guidance counselors and the academic rigors of her pre-med and medical programs to eventually start her practice in 2004.

Though very successful in serving her current patient base at PHS, Dr. Powell has extended her ideology and practice as a founding physician in an organization aptly named HOPE, Health Occupations Promoting Education. As part of her commitment to promoting wellness and empowerment, HOPE sponsors grassroots health awareness and education workshops to community groups and churches. In addition, Dr. Powell and members of HOPE visit countries like her native Jamaica to offer medical support to the underprivileged and those with limited access to healthcare.

Proactive health management is an important prerequisite for healthy living. Whether you want to prevent debilitating medical conditions or recover from them, a consultation with PHS and Dr. Powell is a proactive step that can literally “change your life.”

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