Yanique Otto

By Mercus Manley, Investigative Reporter

Guided by the astute leadership of its founder and principal attorney Yanique L. Otto, the Otto Law Group has continued to demonstrate commitment to providing quality legal solutions. Areas of specialization include family law, immigration law and personal injury, although she efficiently assists her clients with a wide array of issues. A member of the Florida Bar, Ms. Otto’s commitment to her choice profession is also evidenced by membership of the Broward Bar Association, the Caribbean Bar Association, and the Florida Bar’s Family Law and Business Sections.

The comprehensive preparation of Ms. Otto has contributed greatly to the stellar growth of the firm. Born and raised in Jamaica. She studied Psychology and Human Resource Management at the University of the West Indies in her native Jamaica before completing the bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Barry University. She then earned a masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to attending law school, Ms. Otto worked in both business capacities, as well as counseling families with children who were victims of sexual abuse. She then obtained her Juris Doctor degree at the Florida State University College of Law, as the recipient of the prestigious Ladd Scholarship during her three years at law school.

Her experience working with families in various settings uniquely positions Ms. Otto to handle legal family matters. A qualification that has been further enhanced by Florida Supreme Court Certification as a Family Law Mediator. She has brought not just her knowledge of the law, but her professional understanding of the issues inherently related to many of those matters. As an immigrant, Ms. Otto also understands the plight of individuals seeking to navigate the daunting maze of immigration law.

Ms. Otto is all about a solid commitment to serving her community. As a teenager in Jamaica, she founded an organization that provided services to members of the Linstead St. Catherine community, and visited an orphanage in Old Harbour annually, to provide care for the children. For the past several years in the USA, Yanique has spearheaded an initiative to bring Christmas to the families of children who are sick on Christmas day. She has led a team of individuals in bringing gifts and singing songs for the families of children who were hospitalized at a local Broward hospital, invariably placing a smile on the face of families who would have otherwise spend Christmas alone in a hospital room.

Miss Otto’s desire to help the community is evidenced in the way she runs her law firm. Although she focuses primarily on personal injury, family, and immigration law, she is commitment to providing quality legal solutions to those in need. With sincerity, she confidently stated, “If you have ANY legal questions, give me a call. I will either help you, or put you in touch with someone who can.”  And she means it…

The Otto Law Group can be contacted by phone or fax at 855-937-6886; Email: info@theottolawgroup.com

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