by Investigative Reporter, Mahagony Sylvester…

A conversation with highly motivated Founder Teana Woolcock–

LoveU 01What is the history of your Non-Profit? Love Unlimited Foundation Inc. began from a vision I received after attending church in Linton Park, St. Ann, Jamaica in 2010. I was motivated to change the poverty cycle for the children in the community and give them something to inspire and motivate them every year to succeed academically. We started the charity and the free LOVE U Camp in Jamaica to help the underprivileged youth with school supplies, scholarships and alleviate financial burden from their parents who are living on $50 US per week or less.

When did you start? We began as a registered 501C3 non-profit organization in Miami, FL in 2011.  We hosted an online social campaign for back to school supplies and also reached out to community organizations and businesses for sponsorship and partnerships.LoveU 05

What does the non-profit actually do?  We use your contributions and donations to provide backpacks, school supplies, textbook scholarships and our free LOVE U Camp for children living at and below the poverty level. We do this by partnering with different churches in the St. Ann community to ensure we reach more than one community of children. Shipments of the school supplies to Jamaica are done in early July and the school supplies are distributed at our annual LOVE U Camp in St. Ann, Jamaica.

What is going on currently? Presently we are running our social campaign for the Summer Holidays called SEED A HEART 2015. It is a campaign where all donations go towards the purchase of 1 BWAP (Backpack With A Purpose) backpack filled with school supplies such as crayons, markers, pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, glue sticks, scissors, composition books, etc and textbook scholarships to our Dillon Mott Scholars (named in honor of founder Teana Woolcock’s grandfather who was a teacher in the community of St. Ann, Jamaica) who attend our LOVE U Camp. These are children who have an “A” average on their grading report. The children are given their textbook vouchers during the closing ceremony of  our LOVE U Camp.

LoveU 03What is the non-profit best known for? We are best known for our LOVE U Camp. It is something that connects us with the name of our foundation and an event that the youth look forward to every year. We are unique because we spend one week with the children who benefit from our foundation. The Love Team gets to truly connect with the children who are ages 4 -11 years old for 5 hours a day through bible verses, singing, arts and crafts and sports while promoting the theme of LOVE and what it truly means.

What about your non-profit makes you the most proud? The Love Team is most proud of giving back scholarships towards education. When you can alleviate the financial burden for a child’s family that is enduring harsh economic times  in an environment of outdated technology and limited extra-curricular activities, it makes you feel unlimited. It lets your spirit know that the receiver is truly the one who defines love.LoveU 04

Why would clients choose to support your non-profit? Donors would choose to do good with Love Unlimited because we are investing in education, not only academically but mentally. We are teaching the youth about God’s definition of LOVE while we do good. Most important, our Love Team volunteers in Jamaica receive school supplies for their children and are truly volunteering their time; not for pay, but to help the youths focus on what will change their future.

What are the specific challenges facing your non-profit ? Currently we are faced with a small financial budget because our foundation is still in the growing stages and many do not know about the work we do. It is also a challenge to get people involved when the heart of our work takes place in Jamaica.

LoveU 02What changes/adjustments are you making in order to cope? We  hope to partner with more Caribbean organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs in the future who believe in the mission of ending poverty through education. We encourage organizations, businesses and Caribbean student college/university associations  in the US and specifically Florida to partner with us by setting up school supplies collection boxes at their respective locations to help us in our mission. When you donate to Love Unlimited you can expect to see up to date photos and videos of your contribution in action every year through our social networks.

Do you have a special story/experience that summarizes what the non-profit is all about? When a child attends LOVE U Camp and asks, “Can we spend the night”? That’s how we know we are bringing a great program of inspiration to the youth in the community.

What are your future plans for your non-profit? Our goal is to continue preparing more children for school, providing scholarships to children not only in Orange Hill, but other communities and parishes in Jamaica. We want to host events in Miami each year that the diaspora can attend to support the cause. Our true Love Unlimited moment will be when the Love Team can open a center in St. Ann that fosters motivation and inspiration for the youth.

Contact Love Unlimited: Phone: 786-250-3135

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Address: P.O. Box 560682, Miami, FL 33256