by Michael Barnett

South Florida Caribbean Business Magazine is proud to give its full endorsement for the upcoming Jamaica Diaspora Conference that is taking place at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica from July 23 till July 26. We encourage all the members of the Jamaican Diaspora especially the South Florida community to attend this important event.

When did it all begin?

This year’s staging of the conference is the seventh in a series of biennial conferences that first started back in June 2004, under the theme, “The Jamaican Diaspora: Unleashing the Potential.”

The second conference in the series was staged in 2006, the third in 2008, the fourth in 2011, the fifth in 2013, the sixth in 2015 and now we are at the cusp of the staging of the seventh conference in the month of July. Historically, this conference is formally part of the Jamaica emanci-pendence celebrations and has been dubbed the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference as a result.

Why attend this year?

The conference will provide the opportunity for us as members of the diaspora to figure out how we can combine our human and capital resources with our counter-parts who reside in Jamaica, to make the island which we all hold dear, a safer, healthier and economically stronger place to live. A nation in which we can all feel comfortable live – whether we are residing or visiting, and where we can raise our kids without fear for their well being (mental and/or physical).

Some of the workshops and forums on offer at this seventh in the series of Jamaica Diaspora conferences are:

  1. “Facilitating Diaspora Investments: Getting Down to Business,” Investments and Expertise for Agriculture in Jamaica,”
  2. “Crime Intervention and Prevention,” and
  3. “Boosting the Creative Economy: Investing in Jamaica’s Cultural and Creative Industries.”


For more information on pogramme details, visit the Jamaica Diaspora Conference 2017 official website.

See you there!