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A feJacBuc photow years ago Jacqueline “Jacquie” Buckley attended a leadership meeting hosted by her employer where the facilitator encouraged participants to “create a life worth living”.  One of the specific instructions was to develop five sources of income as a way of achieving financial security. Other poignant advice included “don’t spend if you don’t have” and “lead with revenue”. Taking this seriously, Ms. Buckley is well on the way to her multiple sources of revenue with Exotic Island Products. She started by getting her own finances in order over time, making marked reduction in her debts. In 2011 when this business opportunity in essential oils was presented by her niece and co-owner, Michelle Hines-Clarke, she accepted the challenge.

Sticking to her established financial principles, she took no loans to start out and has maintained a debt-free business. All products are 100% natural, excellent for skin conditioning and maintaining healthy hair.  Brands being carried currently include Tropic Isle Living (Castor Oil products), Irie Essentialz (Natural Handmade Soaps), It’s You Face (Natural Make-Up Line), and Earthly Desires (Aloe Vera products).ExoticIP 2

Its your Face1Exotic Island Products makes it a point of duty to be present at a variety of Caribbean events in South Florida, operating booths at various shows and festivals.  According to Ms. Buckley, “This is a great way to introduce the brands and products to potential clients.” Ms. Buckley is also totally committed to top quality customer service and timely fulfilment of thousands of orders from online and traditional sources.  This healthy approach to business has resulted in a high level of repeat customers.

Having worked in the real estate industry for many years, Ms. Buckley has experienced the good times and bad times in that market. She is thankful to Exotic Island Products for furnishing her with additional income to ride out the recent challenging environment in which she experienced a significant cut in salary and loss of bonuses.

Many sales come via the Exotic Island Products Amazon Store, and lately from the recently opened corporate web site, Coming soon is her new line of branded Naturally Me products. Ms. Buckley also operates a physical store space at Norkobe’s Beauty Salon, 11478 West Sample Road in Coral Springs.  She can also be contacted at (954) 446-5190 or and is always open to strategic alliances with other store owners. 

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