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Business as the saying goes is business.  Critical to world economies, it’s essence is the profit motive.  Businesses exist to offer goods and services that satisfy the needs and wants of the population and although these commercial offerings are generally the brainchild of creative minds, the ultimate goal is to make money.  To achieve this objective, businesses strive to keep costs at a minimum.

This critical need to minimize costs become more pronounced in tough economic times.  As the American economy continues to struggle through the worst recession since the great depression, it is evident that the budget line item funding salaries has been subject to the greatest hit.   Corporate America appears to have adopted the strategy ‘do more with less‘  and is content to maintain profit margins in a work environment of employee angst and diminishing morale.

It is not that business leaders are unaware of the fact that a happier work force is a more productive workforce.  Rather it is easier to cut costs rather than develop creative ways to keep Americans employed ergo,  making employees a part of the solution rather than the problem.    Take Google, for example, a company that makes a happier work force one of its core values by disregarding the old adage that employees get paid to do a job.  Google has learned that showing care and appreciation for employees not only translates into increased productivity but into unbridled loyalty and that is priceless to a company that is focused on its permanence.

It takes courage and commitment for a company to make the long-term investment in its employees through career development initiatives, recognition and ‘happier’ work environments; but those business leaders who make that choice will reap the benefits in leaps and bounds.  To them, I would suggest that the services of a corporate event management consultant is invaluable in designing innovative, cost effective strategies to develop a work force that is the envy of their sector.   These skilled professionals can maximize your reduced discretionary budgets.

A wise person once said ‘everyone wants to be appreciated’.  That appreciation translates into acceptance.  To feel a part of is to nurture, protect and preserve.  Which company would not want such an employee?