By Mercus Manley, Investigative Reporter…..

If you have not yet checked out 3b4jHoy on Youtube, you are indeed missing out. These three sisters know how to SING, the personification of HARMONY, but somehow manage to remain grounded, humorous and holy, no doubt due to their strong relationship with God.  The evolution of their name from Joy to jHoy to 3b4jHoy makes their commitment to Christian beliefs crystal clear, synonymous to the smooth, soulful clarity of their voices. The wide online world and more specifically South Florida is indeed blessed to have in its midst another outstanding contemporary gospel group that still enjoys singing hymns of old, acapella style. This highly-talented trio really needs no musical instruments to support their inspiring performances of originals and covers of popular songs.3b4jHoy6

Sisters Heather, Dominique, and Claudette have been singing as a group for as long as they can remember. 2001 marked the year of a professional start in music for these beautiful, anointed ladies as they headed for the studio to record their debut album, You’re Worthy Lord. That same year they were inspired to name their group Joy which personifies their bubbly personality. Joy traveled nationally and internationally ministering and promoting You’re Worthy Lord for two years before returning to the studio to record their sophomore album, Only U.

3b4jHoy1Only U showcased the sisters’ songwriting and vocal arrangement skills and the creation of a new name for the group, jHoy, signifying the Holy Spirit in the midst of Joy. This album opened the door for them to perform at The Gospel of Music with Jeff Majors on TV One. They were also privileged to meet and share the stage with Smokie Norful, Trinity 5:7, 21:03, and J. Moss. They have also opened for popular gospel artists, Vicki Winans, Papa San, and many more.

In 2011, jHoy became 3b4jHoy, which represents the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit going before jHoy. The following year 3b4jHoy returned to the studio and recorded their 3rd album, The Journey 1&2. This two disc album has a mix of Celtic, Reggae, R&B, and World sounds.  3b4jHoy5         In October 2012, 3b4jHoy was invited to be a part of a wonderful program initiated by William Stewart (formerly of the renowned Third World Band) called Rhythms Of Africa, an annual event, that allows inner city school children the opportunity to play and experience music from around the world. Stewart’s Embrace Music Foundation supports keeping music in schools and keeping the arts alive, something that 3b4jHoy is totally dedicated to.

These days 3b43b4jHoy4jHoy is busy operating its international business that specializes in unique vocal arrangement and vocal recording for their clients around the world. 3b4jHoy is also available to inject amazing musical vibes into your event. Their goal is to reach the entire world with their music, encouraging the global community to “Love God, love people.”

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